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In 1881 the Denver Fire Department organized its first professional fire company.  In 1981, one hundred years later, Denver firefighters created the Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation as a non-profit, charitable organization.

The Burn Foundation is a firefighter-based, non-profit organization established to educate families, emergency workers, and the medical community about burn prevention and care while providing burn survivors and their families support and recovery assistance. 

Fire fighters recognize that burn injuries are one of the worst insults that can be inflicted on the human body. The long, painful recovery process can take many years and the scars last a lifetime.  By being involved in our programs and fundraisers, fire fighters often develop long-term personal friendships with young burn survivors as they grow to adulthood.

Our profession naturally generates passionate support of burn prevention and burn care efforts. In cooperation with the International Association of Fire Fighters, professional fire fighters across the nation provide millions of dollars in funding to hospital burn centers and other burn-related activities.

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